Award Winning Agency

Backend Developer (Full-Time)

SalesAgency is a pioneer in the Digital Space, Webinar Sales, Digital Advertising, Media Buying, Email Marketing, and Online Technologies. We leverage AWS Cloud and PaaS abstractions such as Cognito, Lambda, and EC2. Our applications run on cloud native services like Serverless, Lambda, Aurora, and RedShift. We are looking for a Backend Developer who is experienced with working within the AWS ecosystem. Developers must have a deep understanding of core JavaScript, data structures, and algorithms; as well as be comfortable with creating, editing, and querying databases. This position will work closely with the Web Development team and be answerable to the Web Development Manager.

About the Position:

  • Full-Time (40 hrs/week)
  • Fully Remote (would prefer someone in the Orlando/Florida area).


  • This Backend Developer position will be responsible for maintaining, optimizing, and improving upon current code repositories.
  • Work with the Web Development team to construct new online applications, as well as increase the functionality of current applications.
  • Able to identify and debug problems in applications, as well as think through future projects to avoid potential issues.
  • Be able to clearly communicate with team members via Slack.


  • Knowledge of Server-Side JavaScript, MySQL, and experience working with AWS Lambdas. Candidates must be able to write Server-Side JavaScript Lambdas with MySQL.
  • Other technical requirements include: Node.js , React.js, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Git, Github, and Slack.
  • AWS Cloud: Lambda, RDS, RedShift, EC2, SQS, Cognito, and more.
  • Microservices architecture: From the infrastructure to the user interface.
  • Independent worker who is able to balance responsibilities with little to no supervision.
  • In application, please include an updated Resume as well as a link to a Resume/Portfolio website or any pertinent work. 

Non-Essentials, but Preferred:

  • Local to the Orlando/Florida area.
  • Experience with Pair-programming.
  • Comfortable with Google Workspace.
  • Able to assist in DevOps/Frontend Development when needed.

About The Company:

  • Generating sales is not an easy thing to accomplish. As a matter of fact, one of the top reasons businesses fail is due to a lack of revenue. Decades of experience, along with a depth of understanding relative to marketing and sales data analysis, the psychology of purchasing behavior, and the effective utilization of technology to intelligently, and efficiently generate sales is our absolute specialty.
  • At SalesAgency, we are a team of marketers and salespeople to the core. Our leadership team is made up of highly successful serial entrepreneurs, who have been launching businesses and products both online, and offline, for more than 26 years.
  • We are pioneers in the fields of e-commerce, webinar sales, digital advertising, marketing tech, and outbound call center management. We have launched products and ventures that have cumulatively created billions of dollars in value. We have decades of experience, with direct connections to top publishers, brands, advertisers, and investors.