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We Do Sales Differently

Our Business Model is what sets us apart from other typical Marketing Agencies who are more concerned about selling a client than actually making money with and for the client…

For one, we do not charge any kind of management or agency fees for our services!

Most agencies usually charge a flat monthly retainer or a percentage of media spend fee, we do neither!

Here's why...

We leverage our Media Dollars, Data, and Technologies to gain lower prices and higher results. Volume and Margin become knobs for us to control costs and results; putting our Data, Technology, and Money where our mouth is to further manage and control results, ensuring a revenue-generating campaign.

We are always looking for winning products, services, and offers to scale with, sometimes looking to become AOR or gain a closer relationship once certain agreed metrics are achieved, further increasing our relationship and the results.

Clients benefits from Lower Media Costs

We get lower costs because of the sheer volume we spend with Publishers, Networks & Partners for our clients and our own companies.

Publishers, Partners & Networks love it when agencies like us buy media in volume and/or on a consistent basis like we do every month. Like buying out all unsold inventory each month. We get to leverage these buys for multiple clients to drive down costs at a substantial rate, however, doing so also means we have inventory we must fill each month.

You get to benefit from our Infrastructure as we compliment your media buy with reinforced marketing to ensure your ROI grows higher and your Breakeven hits faster!

Sales Agency has the technology & infrastructure that is sending hundreds of millions of emails each month.

With a dedicated deliverability team, we are leveraging our infrastructure to give additional support to your media buying efforts with us to make sure campaigns are profitable to scale, making the whole cycle, repeat!

This is an additional knob that we control to ensure clients campaigns hit the needed metrics to keep all players in the model making money, making us a true partnership and not your typical outsourced agency.

Let's Get Started

Let us help you take your sales to the next level. We are willing to put our money where our mouth is if you have the opportunity, we’ll take on the risk cause we have been around long enough to know what works where and when, in addition to how to do it! Contact us below.