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CPC Campaigns

CPC has been the ‘Belle of the Ball’ for years, highly coveted and in demand. Our CPC Campaigns come with Lead Recognition Technology, making every click more intelligent. Our exclusive network of click inventory is not sold or reachable to most advertisers. With 25 years of relationships under our belt, our reach is unmatched and our ability to know what works where and for how much saves you an expensive learning curve!


Who Is a Good Fit For a CPC Campaign?

Most advertisers who sell B2C like buying CPC Campaigns. It’s safer them CPM, faster than CPL, and more controllable (and scalable) than CPA. It’s guaranteed traffic and a great, fast way to test your funnels and conversion rates. Proper targetting and advertising (getting their interest) is the focus of CPC which is the 1st leg of the campaign; the rest is converting them once their on your site.

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Let us help you take your sales to the next level. We are willing to put our money where our mouth is if you have the opportunity, we’ll take on the risk cause we have been around long enough to know what works where and when, in addition to how to do it! Contact us below.